Monday, October 29, 2007

Willow Tree Poem
By Michael Lee Johnson
Editor and Author

Wind dancers
dancing to the
willow wind,
leaves swaying
right to left
all day long.
I’m depressed.
Birds hanging on-
bleaching feathers
out into
the sun.


On Time by Phillip A. Ellis

No yachts, here, passing,
a hundred, more or less,
or like a golden undertow,
the suckle of the ocean wave

that simmers back against the beach
within a form of foaming web
of white. No, time is like the passing grey-
tinged green of eucalypts, their grey bark

delicate pastel shades. The hill
is sloping southwards and down, an ah
of finely packed trees, passing eastwards
as I pass to the west.

This is no westwards travel, to another
California, awaiting us with
a form of gold rush optimism. No,
this is a west of night, and the gone.

Editorial Comments: This is by far my favorite poem I have seen to date. It touches me deeply and I'm honored to be the first to publish this poem. Not only do we have a craftsman skill we have the imagery of an angel. I love the way Phillip ties his craft, his images to his homeland, Australia, the native eucalypts. The movement in the poem could be seen as abrupt, I think it fantastic as waves in an ocean current, sea hoped and linked well to us all. It is my honor to show you the merits of this author. Michael Lee Johnson.

by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Three birds
on the wire.

The sun
in the distance

by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

a bad back,
birds sing
outside my
Just one
sudden move
and I
scream in pain
out the songs
of the
birds. It takes
some time
for the
pain to stop.
I stay
in my bed
to hear the
birds sing
me to sleep
and dream.

Author Bio: Luis is from West Covina, CA. "I often marvel at birds, their song, how they dart from the pepper tree in out backyard to other destinations. I like the name of the blog. My poems have appeared in Blue Collar Review,Chrysanthemum, and Iodine."

Editor Comments: The poems are simple,but lovely and fit the spirit and theme of this site. Luis, can I related to the back spasms, one move wrong and terrible pain-comes and goes.