Saturday, October 27, 2007

View from my Study by Louie Crew

"Go away, ugly birds,
so some pretty birds will come!"
my lover rattles at the sparrows
feeding outside our window.

The pretty birds have all flown south.
Only we plainer sorts will survive this winter.

Louie Crew, 70, is the author of 1,845 published poems, essays and other
works. He is an emeritus English professor at Rutgers: The State
University of New Jersey. He and Ernest Clay, his husband of 33 years, live
in East Orange, NJ. I would like to also mentions, this gentleman plus Ernest Clay have assisted would be poets by supplying a website devoted to a list of publishers accepting email submissions, their contribution to small press is beyond words:

This wonderful little poem has appeared in Amelia 3.2 (1986): 90.
Expressive Spirals May 1998: 15
Midnight Lessons. Samisdat Press, Richford, VT, 1987. Page 12